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Are you over the age of 70 or self-isolating for health reasons? Please don’t feel that you are alone. Email  Also, if you feel lonely from being stuck indoors, there are volunteers happy to give you a call to check if you are OK.


Deputy Mayor speaks about Glastonbury Corona Virus Support Network

Jon Cousins talks about the Glastonbury Corona Virus Support Network, how it operates and how to contact us. You can see the video here


This group is creating a list of people who are happy to volunteer in any way to support the community. If you could please contact us with your details and we will build a resource for those in need. Please share if you know anyone who is elderly or vulnerable. Please also share any ideas that you may have.

Follow our Facebook Page to keep up with the latest news in Glastonbury and join our Facebook group to keep in touch with each other.



Coronavirus Covid-19 Information and Advice

See this page for information and advice about the symptoms of Covid-19, staying at home and social distancing.



Nub News

Online news about Glastonbury updated regularly.



Support in Somerset

Coronavirus Community Support – Street & Glastonbury

Wells Coronavirus Community Support Group

Other parts of Somerset

If you have relatives in other parts of Somerset or if you are happy to travel to a village to help someone, there are the other support networks for Corona Virus in Somerset. See the full list on this page.




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