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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announces a deal with airlines to rescue stranded Britons.

The UK’s chief scientific adviser says there has been a dramatic drop in London Underground travel. Eight thousand people have been hospitalised with the coronavirus since the middle of March. The fact that the number of new cases a day is seemingly steady suggests we may be “already beginning to see some effects” of social distancing.
But he said it would be “premature” to put a time limit on restrictions.

180 more people have died in the UK, bringing total virus deaths to 1,408. There are a total of 22,141 confirmed infections. Most of those cases are concentrated in England, where London, the West Midlands and the South East are the worst-affected regions.

The number of infections may be far greater because not everyone who suspects they have contracted the virus has been tested.

Tributes have been paid to a 108-year-old woman who lived through the Spanish flu pandemic but has died after contracting coronavirus. Hilda Churchill died at Kenyon Lodge care home in Salford, Greater Manchester, on Saturday, one day before her 109th birthday.

There are now more than 730,000 infections globally and almost 35,000 deaths

Study suggests 59,000 lives have been saved across 11 European countries due to government curbs

France records highest daily death toll
Another 418 people have died of the coronavirus in France – the highest number of deaths in a 24-hour period.
The total death toll is now 3,024, although French officials only count those who die in hospitals.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a global health crisis affecting at least 177 countries.

Italy is extending its lockdown until “at least” 12 April, the country’s health minister has said.
It comes as the country’s death toll rose to 11,591.
Italy was first put in lockdown three weeks ago today.

The number of prisoners in England and Wales infected with the virus has risen to 55 across 21 prisons, the Ministry of Justice has disclosed.However, BBC News has been told that around 1,000 prisoners across almost 100 jails were self-isolating at the end of last week.It suggests the impact of the outbreak is being felt in nearly all of the 117 prisons. Thirteen prison staff based at seven jails have tested positive, as have four prisoner escort workers. It’s understood that a number of pregnant prisoners are set to be released early to safeguard their health and relieve pressure on the prison system.

Marianna Spring, Disinformation and Social Media Reporter:
A misleading message about whether people should leave the house this week is being shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. It is being attributed to someone’s “sister’s mate” and “the NHS”.
It encourages people to stay at home and not to receive visitors, which is good advice.
However, it also contains some potential panic-inducing phrases like “do not leave home for bread or anything!” and tells people “not to be in contact with anybody”, in even your household. Officially, the guidelines are not so restrictive. Please be aware of misinformation and fake news posts.

A lack of childcare is forcing key workers to stay home to look after their children.
Schools, nurseries and childminders were told to close their doors last week to all, except vulnerable children and the children of key workers, such as NHS staff and delivery drivers.
But many nurseries say staying open for such small numbers of children has not been financially viable.
However, for key workers who need childcare, the closures have meant having to take time off to look after their children.

A survey of charities in the UK suggests voluntary donations could be almost halved as a result of coronavirus.
Hundreds of large charities say they expect their overall income to fall by nearly a third in the coming year as a result of the pandemic.They are calling on the government to make emergency grants available over the next three to six months to help the sector survive.