A message to our community.

The Glastonbury Community volunteers are looking ahead and planning how to best adapt our support to fit the developing situation. It is important you all know that we still very much want to support our community to our fullest ability over the coming months. With an ever-changing landscape, we are looking how to make this a manageable process and are therefore changing some aspects of our service:

* We will be reducing the number of days our volunteers will be shopping. This service will now be on 4 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri).

* To ensure that support is given to those who need it the most, we will be prioritising our shopping services for those who continue to self isolate. If you have decided to venture out now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted, please advise us so we are aware.

Many volunteers have other commitments, and these are increasing now lockdown is lifting, but we are committed to maintaining this service for as long as it is needed. By making these changes will think we can carry on supporting one another into the future.

If you need support or advice please contact us either by phone or email –  Tanya 07912 074879, Kama 07821 258383, glastonburycommunity@gmail.com

As always, if you are interested in volunteering or would consider making a donation so that we are able to continue to support our community, please get in touch.

Stay safe everyone,

Glastonbury Community Support.