Bridie’s Yard

Tuesdays – We are holding a temporary store of basic staple foods alongside Robert, who is also holding his regular fruit & veg stall at Paddington Farm on Tuesday mornings from 9am – 11am. Please enjoy a walk up to the farm if you can, and if you cant, please use the Brindham Lane entrance (BA6 8JN), park in the field indicated and take the minute’s walk to the car park from there. Please be prepared to be focused and don’t tarry too long!

Thursdays – Bridie’s Yard will open two hours early (12 noon – 2pm) for people who need to shop alone. Please call 07956 432948 to book a time if you need this service.
Open as usual from 2pm to 6pm – two people at a time for speedy shopping, and there are comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces to wait if you need to – maximum wait 10-15 minutes. We are able to offer a boxing up service for people who are vulnerable or shielding a family member/clients. This is for collection only unless you are desperately in need of a delivery, in which case we may be able to arrange.

Fridays – 10am -5pm. The shop will be open, but if the front doors are closed, please walk around to the back (past Tovey’s coalyard) and call at Unit C1 (Sustainable Life Designs) and you will be let in by Julia. This service is for regular users and people who need to take a bit longer to shop. This reduces both the number of volunteers required and the waiting time on Thursdays.

Bridie’s Yard aims to serve our regular users. We welcome new shoppers but please let us know when you arrive so that we can introduce you to our shopping systems .

Wishing everyone well, please call Tanya on 07956 432948 for any questions.