Earthfare now has a selection of products available for home delivery. This service is for over 65s and/or vulnerable people who are self-isolating. All items have a maximum order quantity of 3 – with bread and eggs having a maximum of 1 per order. You can view the whole product list on the website. More Info

Support Groups in Somerset. If you have relatives in other parts of Somerset or if you are happy to travel to a village to help someone, there are the other support networks for Corona Virus in Somerset. See the full list on this page.

Problems getting to or topping up your prepayment meter? Tell your supplier if you can’t get to a shop to top up because you’re ill with coronavirus or following guidance to ‘self-isolate’. You’ll find their contact details on their website or on your bill. They’ll try to help you find other ways to keep your energy supply connected. More Info

If you need a taxi to get to the shops (or for any other reason) there is a list here



  • The Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said there was “no fixed point” at which the government could say the lockdown will end – it will depend on compliance from the public. The message came as police, health officials and local authorities issued pleas to the public to stay at home this weekend and not be tempted by good weather to go outside. Among them was CEO of NHS Providers, Chris Hopson, who said today: “You can’t clap for carers one day and flout the stay at home rules three days later”.
  • The number of deaths in UK hospitals saw a record daily rise, increasing by 708 from 3,605 to 4,313 – a rise of 20%. Among the dead was a five-year-old child, thought to be the UK’s youngest victim so far, who had underlying health conditions.
  • Up to 4,000 low-risk offenders are to be temporarily released as part of measures to try to contain the spread of Covid-19 in prisons in England and Wales. So far, 88 prisoners and 15 staff have already tested positive for Covid-19. Three prisoners have died.
  • Thirteen people died in the space of a week after a suspected Covid-19 outbreak at a care home in Glasgow. The deceased had not been diagnosed with Covid-19 though two members of staff had tested positive and are being treated in hospitals.
  • Carrie Symonds, the prime minister Boris Johnson’s fiancée, who is pregnant, said she had spent the last week in bed with coronavirus symptoms. Symonds shared that she was “on the mend” and had not been tested for Covid-19. The prime minister continues to self-isolate.
  • The national medical director for England, Stephen Powis, condemned the actions of people acting on a conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the pandemic. He said “it is absolute and utter rubbish and I can’t condemn it in stronger terms than that”.
  • Watford general hospital closed its A&E department to all new patients and visitors, even in an emergency, until further notice. The hospital is known to be under significant strain from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Boris Johnson has written to all opposition party leaders to invite them to a briefing next week and insisting “we have a duty to work together at this moment of national emergency”.