Emotional Support

Isolated, Lonely, Anxious?
Do you know someone who is?

It feels right now that community is essential as we face the challenge of the coronavirus and the social catastrophe that seems to be unfolding.

Community Phone Support

Sweet Track Counselling agency has a team of volunteers who are offering phone support for anyone needing to talk at this difficult time. If you are feeling you need to chat and communicate with a friendly voice then leave your phone number and name on either of these mobile numbers. A text message is fine. Someone will call you back within 24 hrs. This is not a medical helpline or advice, this is someone to share and talk to, someone to listen. You don’t have to sit alone. Phone : 07519 818383 or 07739 761435


Mental health 24/7 telephone response line – 0300 303 1320

Provides round-the-clock support for adults and children. If you or your loved one feels unsafe, at risk or unable to cope without professional advice, our dedicated staff, with a wealth of skills and experience, will respond to your enquiries.

Mindline Somerset

If you’re overwhelmed, struggling or just need someone to listen, our volunteers are here for you. We’re here to listen to you on: 01823 276 892



Resources for Parents

Our clinical and supportive resources include:
Facebook Live video chats with expert clinicians
Remote evaluations and telemedicine
Daily tips for parenting during the crisis, via email
Resources for parents on coronavirus topics


Cushion exercise for releasing tension

Rachael Clyne is an experienced psychotherapist and has given this simple and safe self-help exercise to many clients over the years. It’s for releasing feelings such as grief, anxiety and anger. Many have found it beneficial. All you’ll be doing is sitting with a cushion on your lap and breathing. See the video here


Distant Healing

You can request by e-mail to be put on my list to receive daily ‘Distant Healing’. Sometimes, and especially during times of turmoil and uncertainty, it’s nice to know someone has your back. There is no charge for this service. I just want to help.  More info


MIND – 0300 123 3393

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect. We can help you make choices about treatment, understand your rights or reach out to sources of support. See our website