Every Evening at 9pm

The Glastonbury Unity Candle invites the people of the world to join with its Light at 9pm, every day, for the Silent Minute for Peace.

Every evening at 21.00 GMT, the Unity Candle will be lit in a quiet place of stillness and peace. You are invited to light your own candle or tealight and join in whenever you can, wherever you can.

​Don’t have a candle? Imagine a bright flame shining its light in front of you or use your own inner light, just for one Silent Minute, let us be at peace,

Then…let us share our love with the world around us.

Whilst we might have need to be isolating from one another physically, just for One Silent Minute of peace, with the Glastonbury Unity Candle, we are One. Together. United in Peace.

Join in with a live feed from 20.55 – 21.01 on
The Glastonbury Unity Candle