Music from Glastonbury Town Online

a selection of favourites from Vicki of Normal for Glastonbury

It’s by no means a comprehensive list and is generally reflective of my own musical taste, it’s also in no particular order. If you find something you like do search for more of their work, you are sure to find it, please support them by buying digital downloads when they are available.


Bardic Boast – Tim Hawthorn

This is the introduction of the piece I wrote to win the Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin (Glastonbury, UK) in 2006. This is my CV / Manifesto / Mission Statement where I explain exactly why I am such an awesome Bard.



Diana Milstein’s 70th Birthday Exhibition

70 portraits of my favourite people. I started painting portraits of my friends with the intention of painting 70 portraits of my favourite people before my 70th birthday.  My intention was to exhibit them on my birthday at the Redbrick building on April 4th .. party and exhibition now postponed. Now I have a little gallery for my online exhibition.


Tara Joy


Tara has started reading a selection of stories for both children & adults and posting the videos on YouTube.