Kath Watson

I am fully qualified and insured as a healer for humans and animals. The NFSH / Healing Trust is one of the oldest healing organisations in the country. We are the only one accepted by the NHS and allowed to work in Hospitals. There are very strict rules about that and red tape to go through. I am not offering that at the moment but am offering the following:

DISTANT HEALING: For now it isn’t recommended to give or receive close up 1 to 1 therapies. You can however request by e-mail to be put on my list to receive daily ‘Distant Healing’. If anyone isn’t sure what this is, it is similar to prayers. I sit down each day, light a candle, tune in to the higher source, do a meditation, then ask for love & healing to be sent, and will read out each name individually on my list, can be human and/or animals.

About me: I started my training with NFSH 22 yrs ago and worked as a probationer whilst studying with 2 mentors, working at the Healing Centre, and doing case studies. Then when I felt I could commit totally I fully qualified in 2005. I also have Counselling and various other qualifications going back to 1995.  Sometimes, and especially during times of turmoil and uncertainty, it’s nice to know someone has your back.

There is no charge for this service. I just want to help.  LOVE & LIGHT, Kath Watson.