A month to challenge ourselves to do our regular journeys on foot, by bicycle or using our mobility aids. Active travel is better for everyone – the people doing it, the people near by, and the whole planet. It can turn tedious commuting into a daily pleasure. But it takes effort to change our habits.

Let’s help each other, starting this September.

Every car off the road makes it easier to walk or cycle.

A 50% increase in Somerset’s traffic over the past 20 years.

 A 50% increase nationally in obesity and overweight in the same time.

 Don’t let the cars bully us off our roads. We can walk this one.

Do you love the sensation of speed?

 The landscape rushing by, the wind in your hair, the sun and raindrops    on your skin, the smells, the sounds, stopping to greet a friend or help  a stranger…

 To travel on foot, by bicycle or using a mobility aid is so much richer,  more intense.

 Don’t miss out when you are on the go.

It’s your world – reap the benefit.