Litter Rebels

Path Clearing and Litter Picking

Are you passionate about nature, wildlife and preserving the countryside? Join in the with local volunteers who meet up regularly in Glastonbury.

Somerset is a beautiful county with wonderful views but blighted recently by an increase in litter on the verges, in the hedges and in the streams. Not a good look for those of us who live here or for visitors to see as it looks like neglect and lack of pride.

Those of us who hate to see this desecration and concerned about the impact on wildlife as well as plastic getting into the oceans, are getting out and picking it up. We have borrowed picker sticks, and orange bags from IdVerde which we can leave on the road for them to collect. As none of the litter collected by volunteers is recycled and is simply sent to landfill we usually separate the tins, clean glass and plastic bottles to recycle at home.

We meet together at a distance, generally from 10.00am then work separately and meet up at the end of an hour or two hours to dump the bags. Covid rules are observed.

It is nice to be able to work with others in the open air but be safe at a distance and it is strangely satisfying to look back on a stretch of road or verge and see no litter where before it was festooned with plastic, tins and food wrappers. All we need is to educate people more on the impacts of littering on the environment.

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