Love Glastonbury

Reducing Food Waste and Building Community Resilience

Love Glastonbury started in July 2020 in response to the massive and unethical wastage of food both locally and across the UK. What began as a simple Community Fridge in the centre of town,
redirecting fresh food that would otherwise go to landfill and free for anyone to use, has evolved to
include a donation optional Community Pantry stocked with long shelf life food, and a hot food
operation serving around 50 people every Saturday, using not only surplus but also food kindly
donated by businesses and individuals. We are now in the process of registering as a charity.

Our focus is simultaneously on the environmental issue of food waste and the societal injustice of food poverty. In the UK, food waste is responsible for 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. While billions of tonnes of edible food are wasted, 8.4 million people live in poverty, with many unable to afford to eat well. Glastonbury is within the 10% most deprived areas in the UK, and food poverty affects many here including families, disabled and elderly people.

Our Community Fridge has diverted over 70 tons of donated food that would otherwise have gone
directly to landfill but instead has been redistributed to people living in the Glastonbury area. The
Community Pantry has given out more than 20 tons of food on over 100 occasions and made over
200 deliveries since we opened, typically supporting around 90 people per week. We have also given
out more than 2400 hot meals and drinks in total!

Love Glastonbury’s work is made possible by volunteers kindly giving their time. At present, we have a team of 42 dedicated volunteers who collect surplus food, keep the fridge clean, and give out food
parcels in the pantry, among other crucial tasks. Our volunteers and trustees deeply value their community and do fantastic work reducing waste and getting food to those in need.

Love Glastonbury is part of a network of community fridges across the UK with many more expected to open in the future. With the help of our generous supporters, we are collecting more food surplus and receiving more kind donations every month. We also have exciting plans to expand our operations. If you’d like to find out how you can help support Love Glastonbury, you can email us at