Low Traffic Glastonbury

What is Low Traffic Glastonbury?

A campaign to improve the environment in and around Glastonbury by addressing excessive motor traffic.

Who is doing it?

Local residents, councillors, traders, educators, employers: anyone with an interest in reducing traffic impact in and around Glastonbury.

How does Low Traffic Glastonbury work?

We use a multi-faceted approach:

  • listening to people – through face to face conversations on the street, surveys, emails and letters

  • informing people – through this page, facebook (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Glastonbury) and in the print media

  • direct actions to draw attention to issues and solutions

  • supporting the work of councils at Town, District and County levels

What’s the point?

For joy, pleasure and appreciation of this lovely place

For better health – clean air, agreeable soundscape, ease and encouragement to exercise

For safer, easier, more pleasurable mobility around town for old, young, and everybody in between

For a better outdoor social life, where we can talk easily in public spaces

For safety and peace for wildlife and our pets

How do I get involved?

Email us at Ltglastonbury@gmail.com – share your ideas and visions.

Take part in our walk and cycle Glastonbury to Wells on 25th April. See details here

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