Market Cross Protest

Another gathering took place at Market Cross today. Local reports suggest Piers Corbyn was once again at the protest, less than a week on from when he first appeared at a protest in Glastonbury. Earlier this week he tweeted ‘May Day Against Lockdown’ and for ‘any town or village in the world gathered to support those left behind by the Lockdown’.

PCSO Mel Rowlands posted this message on Facebook ….

“Today there was a protest at the Market Place, Glastonbury.
Approximately 15 people attended.
Local Officers, horses and Officers from other stations also attended.
The people were spoken to by the Officers, given advice and requested to move on.
This did not happen…..
Officers then made the decision to enforce the legislation regarding CoVid.
Most people left the area, 4 persons were reported for the breach.

Our policing response was carefully considered to keep it fair and proportionate and to make sure Police officers and staff were given the protection they deserve.”

Avon and Somerset police said:

“We had officers at the scene engaging with a small number of protesters and encouraging them to comply with the Government measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Officers then dispersed the protestors and one enforcement fine was given out as a result.”