Market Place Gatherings

A number of people gathered at Market Place at noon today where Piers Corbyn spoke against the lockdown. This follows on from a smaller gathering on Monday when Free Rob Cannabis reportedly gave a speech. Police did attend but not in sufficient numbers to safely break up the gathering.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but public gatherings such as these divert the Police from doing more useful things and seriously inconvenience people who simply want to shop locally without breaching the social distancing guidelines. It wasn’t possible to safely visit Stephen’s Butchers or walk from Magdalene St to Northload St for the duration of this event.

Please don’t be tempted to attend any such gatherings in the future if you should hear about them. And if you do then please don’t visit any local shops for at least 7 days afterwards. You may be happy to share anything you may be carrying but many others don’t want whatever you may have.

Please be considerate of everyone in our community.