Our Support Network Teams

The Glastonbury Support Network now has several different volunteer teams:

Shopping Team – we do your shopping and deliver to your door. If you need someone to shop for you please see the We Shop for You page.

Prescriptions Team – we pick up from the pharmacies and deliver. See our We Pick Up Prescriptions for You page.

Random Errands Team – as well as odd shops, there are also things like topping up electric keys, delivering food parcels and other tasks.

Telephone Support Team – we have some volunteers who regularly phone someone for a chat and others who check in with people every now and then.

Sewing Team – groups of sewers making PPE

If you need help, or would like to volunteer, please Contact Us

When you contact us to offer to Volunteer, please give us all the details you can in that contact. How often you’re available, whether you have a vehicle, what sort of volunteering you can do, along with all your contact details. It saves time having to come back to you and then you can be added to the database 🙂

If you can help with our costs please visit our Donate Page