UK government three-step coronavirus recovery plan

The UK government has a three-step coronavirus recovery plan. The step one measures apply from tomorrow (13 May). Step two will start on Monday 1 June, or later. And step three will start on Saturday 4 July or later.

The advice out this week covers all three steps, although there is more detail about step one.


Here are the key documents:

The 60-page overall plan, entitled “Our plan to rebuild” (pdf)

The coronavirus outbreak FAQs – A useful Q&A covering all main topics, and mostly focusing on what is changing this week

Specific guidance on social distancing

Specific guidance on staying safe outside the home


On education specifically, there are at least four documents. They are:

A general guide for parents and carers

Specific information about the plan for some pupils to return to school from 1 June

Advice for schools on what they need to do

Specific advice on protective measures


The Department for Transport has produced transport guidance. There are two main documents:

Guidance for passengers

Guidance for operators


The Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy has produced eight separate guides on how to keep employees safe in different workplace environment. You can find links to all eight here.


Source: The Guardian