Walk and Cycle – Glastonbury to Wells

Let’s show that we need safe space for active travel along this long-established, direct, level route between Glastonbury and Wells.

Sunday 25th April 10am-12noon
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Cycle, walk and use mobility scooters, on the A39 between Tin Bridge Roundabout Glastonbury at Tincknells Roundabout Wells (start either end)

Click here to sign the petition for the Wells Road safer route

Guidance for participants:

Your safety and the comfort of other road users is your responsibility. The facilitators will do all we can to keep the road safer for you during the action – 10am-12noon 25th April. However, under existing conditions beyond our control, it will remain potentially dangerous. Take care!

Wear hi-vis and colourful, stand-out clothing. A strawberry logo will remind people that there is an unused rail line which would make a lovely cycle path!

Bring a mask. We will be outdoors, and should remain socially distanced or in “bubbles”. If you have to huddle together for any reason, please put on your mask.

Walkers in the road stay in small groups with a flagstaff (supplied) at least at the traffic-facing end. You can wait at key points to join a small group.

You may have to make judgements whether to face traffic, stay on the same side as other walkers, stay on the outside of a bend or use a soft verge where there is one. Marshals will help you cross the road if you need to.

Cyclists please leave big enough gaps for motorists to pull in after overtaking each small group

Mobility scooters please travel in convoy, in the direction of traffic

Follow the Highway Code

Bring water to drink

There will be an opportunity to leave your details, and sign a petition, at either end of the route.

Walk, cycle or roll only as far as you want. Turn back when you like – as long as it’s safe