We Shop for You

Do You Really Need a Delivery?

Please remember that this service is intended for the vulnerable members of our community. We are a small group of volunteers who can shop for you as a last resort when all other options have failed. Before requesting our assistance please do the following:

Try to order a Home Delivery from a supermarket – see the list here

Try to order a Home Delivery from one of our local shops & suppliers – see the list here

Ask family & friends if they can help

Please only contact us if all these options fail.

PLEASE NOTE: The volunteer will knock on your door and leave your shopping outside, they will then step back and ensure that you take your shopping inside.  Your safety and the safety of our volunteers is incredibly important to us.


How to Request a Delivery

We are a volunteer led service; as a result we can only shop for essential items. Please be aware supermarket supplies are unreliable at present so some items you request may be unavailable. Please avoid asking for specific brands unless you have an allergy or clear need for the item (e.g. diabetic or coeliac).  So please:

only request basic foodstuffs such as bread, milk, pasta, rice, tinned soup, fruit’n’veg, tea/coffee, etc

when it comes to household goods please do request loo roll but not a specific brand – ditto cleaning products, etc

We accept payments by credit/debit card. If this is a problem for you please say so in the Notes box on the form below.

We can’t do same-day deliveries but hope to be able to do next-day deliveries where requested. If you would like a delivery the next day, please ensure you put your order in by 5pm.

Disclaimer: We assume no liability for incorrect orders or late deliveries. We are all volunteers who want to help out and we anticipate smooth sailing, but there is always risk of human error. In completing this form you agree that we are not liable for any mishandling.

Please email glastonburycommunity@gmail.com with your contact details and your list.


Safe Shopping

Useful video with tips on how to safely unpack your shopping once delivered.